Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things I like

Well, I am sorry for the reprieve from blogging. I've been studying up a storm. So heavily, in fact, that the roof caved in today and I had to do nothing for the last 5 hours but eat brownies and watch the Biggest Loser. Odd combo, but it works for me. There's a part of me inside that knows this is only going to make things more difficult for the next two days, but the much larger voice is shouting...."Who cares!"

So, I decided in light of my enjoyable evening, I might write an enjoyable blog to go along with it. I'm tired of the droning on about school, as I am sure you are too. So, on with the "things I like" -

  1. warm breezes in February

  2. seeing hard work pay off, and stopping to enjoy it for just a little bit

  3. Whole Foods

  4. reading blogs of friends I rarely talk to and even more rarely see

  5. hearing good news from friends and feeling totally, completely thrilled for them!

  6. lavendar tea (don't knock it till you try it, especially good if you were that kid that liked to drink bathwater...)

  7. blogging instead of studying about parasites!

  8. finding the nastiest pictures of parasites on the internet and sneaking up with my computer to J and freaking him out while he's eating - again with the multitasking...studying and having a great time

  9. new candles

  10. new furniture!!!!!

  11. spooning with the dog

12. reading ridiculously funny sci fi books

13. knowing that once again tomorrow is Wednesday, and I love Wednesday

Well, here's hoping to keep the good times rolling for yet another day. Friday is another big exam, but after that things are looking up for the weekend. I'm so pumped to get out of the house, you'd think someone chains me in here against my will. Alas, nothing so exciting.