Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making the saddle more comfy

In an effort to be more positive about school this year, I am compiling a list of things I'm stoked about now that the new semester has started:

1. I can do things as a student that I could never do if I was working full time. Case in point: last Thursday I got done with class and went to the local farmer's market where I caught the Miller farms people as they were closing and trying to get rid of all the produce they could. I got some serious deals. Then I went to Cost Plus to stock up on some sweet Indian food.

2. I have social interaction with real walking, talking people every day. I know I've complained about some classmates in the past, but trust me, compared to doing nothing but screaming at a puppy all the time, I am relishing the opportunity for conversation.

3. I am remembering all the stuff I love about the brain and it keeps my head in the game. I spend the three years before I started med school and after I finished undergrad studying the nervous system and I fell in love with it. It's really coming in handy and it's letting me enjoy....

4. The espresso martini! This is not a great picture, but the recipe is as follows: 1 oz each of espresso, creme de cacao, vodka, kalua. Packs a mean punch but is super fun to drink, and delicious.

5. I get to spend time with my favorite guys; J, R, and the Mugs. Here's a picture of Mugsy to take us out; enjoy your nights!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in an Uncomfortable Saddle

But a saddle nonetheless. School started on Monday, and though I'd really like to complain about lecture, I know that the stuff we are covering right now is pretty much my favorite material there is, the nervous system. I've spent a lot of time studying the nervous system up to now, and I hope that will serve me well come exam time.

We are, unfortunately, also doing psychiatry in this unit as well. Today was an especially difficult day as the patient, who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, described in detail a previous suicide attempt. This was really hard for me to swallow as it just hit too close to home. I hope that someday that will stop being an issue for me but I have to wonder if it's even possible to completely move past that kind of an experience.

To cheer myself up when I got home I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain that I'd DVR'ed. This time Tony was in Spain. Very cool. Does he need an assistant? Could I give up medicine to travel the world, eat crazy stuff and try adventure sports? Sadly no. But it sure makes for great television.

Monday, August 11, 2008


So, the newest future graduates of CU Med made their first official appearance on campus today. I am on the orientation team this week, and I have to admit, I really appreciated it. These fresh young souls are excited, and gung ho about absolutely everything. It almost makes me ready to get back to it. Almost. Definitely not there yet.

When I say fresh young things I really mean it too. There are 5 people in this class who are not yet able to legally buy a drink to wash down the medicine their about to drink from the firehose. There is one who is not able to vote for who will be our president. Yes, a 17 year old first year med student. What's more? He also went to undergrad with me. Having had several classes with him at my undergrad university, I can vouch that he is a verifiable genius. It's not just a memory either. A photographic memory could do a lot of good for gross anatomy, but this kid can think. He's pretty much the most amazing physical chemistry prodigy I've ever seen. And that's some complex stuff. But I have to wonder at how he must feel about life being so so young. I did not take the most straight and narrow path toward medicine, neither the most circuitous. I am pretty much of average age. But I've had a lot of experiences before the all encompassing med school took over. I've made great friends and had time to make mistakes. One would think someone who is only 17 wouldn't have that chance. College was the best time of my life thus far, and med school...well, it is the path I want to end on, but certainly not breaking any fun records. Would I have been ready to take on such a serious undertaking without having the much less experience of undergrad behind me? Could someone who was 12 in undergrad have had such experiences? I kind of doubt it. But I could always be wrong.

Anyway, here's to the newbies. And here's hoping school will be just the right amount of fun and business for them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Birthdays, anniversaries, and puppies

Amanda Peet is my new hero. I just saw her on the Today show speaking about vaccinating children. She was very well spoken, and best of all, consented she is not an expert, but cited rather every medical organization in the country, all of which recommend vaccination and deem it to be safe. She also spoke with a huge amount of modesty and seems to really listen when other people speak, which is refreshing. I get tired of listening to "discussion" where it's really just a competition about who can speak the loudest.

In puppy news, he's sleeping a lot more, which is exciting. He pretty much needs to be taken out once a night, which is not too shabby really. And he's good with waking up at about 6, which is perfect with school coming up. At least it won't be a huge shock to the system. He still really keeps me on my toes these days, when he's awake. But the big guy is tolerating him better, and that makes me happy. Today I think I'll walk them separately. It's really hard to take them together alone, and the puppy can't go nearly as far as R can.

Possibly the most exciting part of today: my little sister turns 21!!! Wahoo! Finally the whole clan can go out for drinks. I've long felt like my sis should be able to come out with us, and I kind of forget she can't since we're so far apart in age. But now she can and I know she's excited; maybe as much as me!

It's also my second wedding anniversary today. Sadly, J's employer really screwed us on this one. Not only did they end up sending J for a very truncated trip to Cali (which I couldn't go on because it was so short it wouldn't be worth it) but they sent him over our anniversary. I guess I'll just be taking myself to dinner. Maybe to lunch actually since I feel kind of lame at dinner time alone; but much less so at lunch time.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Well, Our newest addition is here and robbing me of any and all sleep. I feel like he is preparing me for a (small) portion of motherhood someday and I am terrified. Luckily he's pretty good at knowing where he is supposed to go to the bathroom (i.e. not in the house). Enjoy the pictures!

This was taken at the breeder where we picked him up.

He's already gained 2 pounds since we got him, so I'll try to post pretty regularly so we can all see him growing like crazy. He won't be this little for long!