Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday break!

The holidays are finally here! Last night we had an early Christmas dinner with J's family and tomorrow we leave for the great White North. I'm so looking forward to seeing my family! There are just some parts of holidays from home that really resonate with you and make them sseem more like holidays. That and we'll most definitely have a white Christmas! Hopefully I'll be more motivated to blog when we get back. Have a great holiday!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Well, tomorrow this time I will be done with surgery, for now. Feeling under the weather has made me do the one thing I vowed would not happen during third year....I missed work. And I mean a fair amount of work. Enough work to be forced to make it up after 3rd year is over. Blah. Of course this happens when I have just made a sparkly schedule for 4th year (at least an outline in my head) that would maximize my chances for a Denver residency. But oh, well. All is not lost I that front I think. I'll just need to come up with a slightly different timing.

If I don't include the time I need to make up for surgery, I have 16 short weeks separating me from the end of my clinical 3rd year experience. I know it seems silly that I would be counting that down. This is what I want to do, no? Well, yes and no. Ever since I let myself come to the concusion, the very real conclusion, that the only area of medicine that will really make me happy is OB/Gyn, I find it much harder to get excited about the upcoming internal medicine rotation. Family practice should be better, I might actually get to deliver a baby and do women's health-y things during that block. Fourth year is going to be much more exciting as I will be doing the things that I want to do for a living. Now I'm pretty much 2/3 of the way through my 3rd year and really looking forward to the future.

And all along the way I still have my preceptor visits. Today is an exam day and I'm still going in to see him. I just learn so much from even watching him interact with his patients. Not to mention it's a once a week dose of what I want to do.

I'm also super pumped to head up North to see the fam for Christmas. I am excited for the change of scenery, even if the change is to a flat, white expanse that's so cold the exhaust from the relatively few cars hangs in the air like a San Fransisco fog. But more importantly my fam is part of that change of scenery and I'm excited to see them. Lots of relaxing, baking and Wii playing.

Of course, I still have a week of class on "Death and Grief." So cheery for the holidays. Great timing school of medicine - well done.