Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, Happy Early Thanksgiving!!! And happy 100th blog post to me! For a while there I didn't think I'd ever keep it up this long, but I'm glad I have.

Well, I don't have any cool pix today, but we are heading out to the great white north on Thursday and we'll be sure to bring the camera with us. Hopefully we'll have some pictures of our adventures.

I am also super excited that in a few weeks I'm heading east to see my friend D and her adorable little daughter! It's going to be great. I"ve never seen Boston and I have never seen her daughter (in person of course) and so I can hardly wait! Most of all I'm just excited to see D. She's the one friend I've met throughout the years that is always just a phone call away and always, always keeps in touch. She's so much better at that than me! (Thanks for always calling D!)

Tomorrow morning, though, I have my last excursion into biochemistry (until the weeks before the boards) so good riddance to that. I am pretty worried about that test, there's waaaaaaaaaay too many lysosomal storage diseases. I have a chart that's 9 pages. Ouch. The really great part of this test, though, is that there's loads of stuff about obesity. We had 4 lectures yesterday and 3 today on obesity. Yes, this is a big problem that needs our attention. Does it need my attention the week of Thanksgiving? I think not.

Well, I better get back to it. Less than 12 hours from now and I will be in the thick of it, better shove as much into my little head that I can!

(I already have a bucket of fun getting ready for me in the freezer for after the exam. I am always prepared.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So I've had some time to think lately and that's gotten me nowhere with school, but it's let me put some things in perspective.

First, I've decided that people hold onto their angst with every bit the tenacity they hold on to their dreams and hopes. Even though things might not be as bad as they make them out to be, very few people want to be told otherwise. They'd rather have the angst to keep them company than to give it up and look at the flip side of the coin all by their lonesome. I find a lot of my classmates in this position right now. We are an angry group. Overall, at the end of the day we are all angry because we have to work hard to end up as doctors, really not such a bad thing. But don't tell anyone that...

I've also been spending more time working on my project with my old boss JW. We do a lot of waxing philosophical about what it takes to really reach students these days. Why can't students see how intrinsically cool this stuff is and let that be their motivation to soak it all up? We go around and around about it, and what I've decided is that the longer you're a student, the more bitter you get about being taught. Likewise, the longer you're a teacher, the more cynical you get about the mental capacity of those you are teaching. I feel kind of lucky that I get to see these things from opposing perspectives. Now if I can just temper my bitterness with cynicism...wait, that might not be the greatest combination... But in all seriousness, I think if I can remember how great it was to see students who were truly interested in the material for the sake of just being interested, it might help take the edge off that stuff that just doesn't seem too "clinically relevant."

Speaking of working with my old boss, I have some exciting news! He's asked me to not only edit the figures in his electronic text book, but write a chapter. That's right friends, LG is gonna get published. I'm super excited. Did I mention its the reproduction chapter? Yep, Birds and the Bees by LG. Cool. I'm excited to do it because I think the hormones involved are really quite cool and I took a fair amount of graduate course work on the subject, so it's definitely something to look forward to!

And in news of looking forward, I completed my registration for the Untied States Medical Liscensure Exam (aka Step 1 of the boards). Yikes. The countdown begins. April 8th. Lots of beer that night. You're all invited. Yes, it's a Wednesday, yes, you still need to come. But in the event you can't make it, I think we'll be trying to get some sort of party together that following weekend so long as we're not out of town on vacay. Something to keep in mind.

Last night we got to see some friends from the college days when one of my college friends was celebrating the receipt of her MBA! Congratulations KV! It was good to see everyone again, I'm glad we made it. And in honor of KV and her husband C:

SuperMugs says hi.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, I've been slacking. There's no doubt about it. Although I have had 2 exams since I last checked in, so I've been at least a bit productive. We also had Halloween. J and I just stayed in, but it was a nice night and to get in the spirit I dressed up the dogs! - Before you ask, no I didn't go out and buy them costumes, I'm not that kind of girl -

Unfortunately, them being boy dogs and all, everytime they have to go out the costumes have to come off. Oh well.

Mugs and I have been bonding lots lately. He's a cuddler. Still drives me completely insane when I want to study in the afternoon, but he's pretty cute. He likes to crawl up into my lap and make himself comfortable.

Last week we had a little excitement as J got his windshield smashed by some sort of unidentified flying object on his way to work. We ended up both staying home last Thursday after it happened, he was fine and the rest of the car was fine, but we had a good day anyway.

The next morning I had an exam which was good, then we got to spend a whole weekend hanging out together without any (well much) studying from me. This week is really busy with school stuff, and it will undoubtedly fly right by, then next week we're off to the Great White North for Thanksgiving. To all those already up there, wanna get sick? It's 70 degrees and sunny today....