Monday, November 17, 2008


Well, I've been slacking. There's no doubt about it. Although I have had 2 exams since I last checked in, so I've been at least a bit productive. We also had Halloween. J and I just stayed in, but it was a nice night and to get in the spirit I dressed up the dogs! - Before you ask, no I didn't go out and buy them costumes, I'm not that kind of girl -

Unfortunately, them being boy dogs and all, everytime they have to go out the costumes have to come off. Oh well.

Mugs and I have been bonding lots lately. He's a cuddler. Still drives me completely insane when I want to study in the afternoon, but he's pretty cute. He likes to crawl up into my lap and make himself comfortable.

Last week we had a little excitement as J got his windshield smashed by some sort of unidentified flying object on his way to work. We ended up both staying home last Thursday after it happened, he was fine and the rest of the car was fine, but we had a good day anyway.

The next morning I had an exam which was good, then we got to spend a whole weekend hanging out together without any (well much) studying from me. This week is really busy with school stuff, and it will undoubtedly fly right by, then next week we're off to the Great White North for Thanksgiving. To all those already up there, wanna get sick? It's 70 degrees and sunny today....


Tim & Dara said...

Love the pictures of Mugsy! He's too cute!!