Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back in an Uncomfortable Saddle

But a saddle nonetheless. School started on Monday, and though I'd really like to complain about lecture, I know that the stuff we are covering right now is pretty much my favorite material there is, the nervous system. I've spent a lot of time studying the nervous system up to now, and I hope that will serve me well come exam time.

We are, unfortunately, also doing psychiatry in this unit as well. Today was an especially difficult day as the patient, who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, described in detail a previous suicide attempt. This was really hard for me to swallow as it just hit too close to home. I hope that someday that will stop being an issue for me but I have to wonder if it's even possible to completely move past that kind of an experience.

To cheer myself up when I got home I watched an episode of Anthony Bourdain that I'd DVR'ed. This time Tony was in Spain. Very cool. Does he need an assistant? Could I give up medicine to travel the world, eat crazy stuff and try adventure sports? Sadly no. But it sure makes for great television.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

d give up metallurgy in a heart beat to be Tony's assistant.

medicine girl said...

I love the nervous system, too! I tutor neurosci b/c it gives me an excuse to study/review a topic I love. :-)

Hope that saddle gets more comfortable soon.