Monday, August 11, 2008


So, the newest future graduates of CU Med made their first official appearance on campus today. I am on the orientation team this week, and I have to admit, I really appreciated it. These fresh young souls are excited, and gung ho about absolutely everything. It almost makes me ready to get back to it. Almost. Definitely not there yet.

When I say fresh young things I really mean it too. There are 5 people in this class who are not yet able to legally buy a drink to wash down the medicine their about to drink from the firehose. There is one who is not able to vote for who will be our president. Yes, a 17 year old first year med student. What's more? He also went to undergrad with me. Having had several classes with him at my undergrad university, I can vouch that he is a verifiable genius. It's not just a memory either. A photographic memory could do a lot of good for gross anatomy, but this kid can think. He's pretty much the most amazing physical chemistry prodigy I've ever seen. And that's some complex stuff. But I have to wonder at how he must feel about life being so so young. I did not take the most straight and narrow path toward medicine, neither the most circuitous. I am pretty much of average age. But I've had a lot of experiences before the all encompassing med school took over. I've made great friends and had time to make mistakes. One would think someone who is only 17 wouldn't have that chance. College was the best time of my life thus far, and med school...well, it is the path I want to end on, but certainly not breaking any fun records. Would I have been ready to take on such a serious undertaking without having the much less experience of undergrad behind me? Could someone who was 12 in undergrad have had such experiences? I kind of doubt it. But I could always be wrong.

Anyway, here's to the newbies. And here's hoping school will be just the right amount of fun and business for them.


medicine girl said...

A few years ago 3 siblings graduated from my school before they were 21 years old. They weren't old enough to drive during medical school! Each of them scored in the 99th percentile on their entrance & medical licensing exams and rumors suggest they also had good bedside manner.

As for the new kids on the block, I just met a few who will be in my school's PBL program. I told them I remain thrilled that I chose the PBL route and sang its praises, but the thought of doing the first two years over again from day 1 is unappetizing at best. Reminds me of a superstar anesthesiologist who told us this week that he is happy with his career choice but if he had to do it over again he would choose business.