Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I had almost forgotten how much I love wine. It's been months since my last glass. I told myself if I studied hard, I could reward myself with a glass and some chocolate (and the opportunity to watch the ultimate in bad tv - the Real World/Road Rules challenge). Over all a great night.

The day yesterday was really something though. I was NOT feeling class in the morning, but I stuck it out and took the best notes I could. We had an afternoon dermatology clinic session, which I was so expecting to be disgusting. Overall though, it was really interesting. I saw cases of people who had diseases I'd only seen on the Discovery Health channel. They were all very inspiring people. On the way out the derm resident told us we should at least think about dermatology when it came time to interview for residency. We just laughed. Dermatology is the hardest residency in the country to get. It comes with great hours and great pay. But only 60% of the people who want to get into it do. Compare that to the 90% for most specialties. Even neurosurgery is over 80%. As one of my classmates so eloquently put it, "you don't pick dermatology, dermatology picks you."

But, great hours and lots of cash aside, I can't fathom being a derm for life. The more I think about all aspects of the field, the more motivated I am to pursue anesthesiology. It makes me happy, and it would let me have a happy family too. Can't ask for a whole lot more.

Other than the derm clinic, this week isn't the most exciting, but it's going to take some work. Next week we have finals in our two classes, so I need to keep up with the studying. Hopefully if I get on top of it next week won't be as bad as I think it will be.

For those who like happy hour, I also wanted to let you know about a charity event at Lime Restaurant in Larimer Square on Thursday. From 4-8 there is happy hour. There is a $5 cover to be donated to charity (for kids with cancer) unless you donate some formal attire (for Dressed to the Nines, which has formal dresses for events for kids with cancer). Appetizers are free and drinks are discounted. Sounds like a good time, and I'm hoping to make it out. If your in town, I'd love to see you all!

For tonight though, I'm done with the books. It's time to regroup with some motivation. I now know I am old because I take my time off to look at salary.com to compare future earnings in different areas of the country, then compare these to housing prices in these areas. There's probably nothing more exciting to read about right now than seeing this printed hope about the real light at the end of this tunnel. Don't get me wrong. There is truly, in (almost) every doctor's heart the hope that they will make a difference to their patients. You can't survive this field if you don't go into it, at least initially, to help people. But there's only so much ragging on a person (my doctor is such a jerk, he never returns my calls, I hope you won't be like that, you don't know anything yet, you're have a LONG road ahead of you, you're so naive....) that one can take before you start to wonder, is there anything in it for me, and if so, is it worth it. Knowing that I have so many options in front of me helps me to realize that it is, indeed worth it, and I will make it. Not only for the perks ahead, but because I really, truly want to. And yes, I do want to help people, but the compensation and job security don't hurt the equation either.

Well, back to studying. Not all docs are well compensated...