Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Television pharmacology

Wow. So I took a break from studying for the uber-test that will be Friday morning, and sat on the couch with J for a few minutes to enjoy a brownie (my study breaks are not so good for my waist). He was watching TV and I figured a few minutes of mind-numbingness would be good since I was starting to get that pounding "you have really shoved too much in this time" feeling. Then the commercials came on.

Why is it that every commercial break has people running to ask their doctor if drug X is right for you? Annoying. More annoying, however, is the fact that all I could do when I was watching the Valtrex commercial was tell J what it's half life, generic name, bioavailability, and adverse drug reactions are. See, I can't actually stop studying when I want to, so I don't feel so bad about hitting the sack early. Tomorrow is another day.