Wednesday, February 6, 2008

They're not all bad..

After my pity party yesterday, I decided to start looking for some positives about this med school experience. Sure it's busy, and at some of the same times mind numbing, but there's always some high points. Today I met with my preceptor, who's a doc I work with once a week to learn to deal with patients and do real exams and such. I have to say, I am inspired. Dr. B is an OB/GYN in the area and if it wouldn't be totally weird and inappropriate, I'd be his patient in an instant. He's just a great doctor. I can tell just by being in the room that his patients feel more at ease the minute he walks in. They talk with him as if they weren't in the most uncomfortable and vulnerable position ever and he just makes their day. I can't believe how well he deals with some people who could truly be labeled out to lunch. He's never condescending, never rude, never interrupts, and makes people smile. Cheers to you Dr. B, and thanks for the inspiration!

I really needed it today too. It's easy to get bogged down when you're in the middle of the block, staring down endless exams and droning lectures, and forget why it is you're here. Tomorrow night I have a med school interviewee coming to stay and I'm really glad to be coming off a great day in the clinic. The last thing a stressed out pre-med wants to hear is how miserable it can be. Now I feel I can adequately play up the high points without being a cynic.