Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Death of Learning

Pretty sure Powerpoint is the worst medium of all time. Today in lecture we have a presentation with 97 slides. Fifty minutes - 97 slides. If he keeps going at this pace we'll still be here for the 2nd coming.

A couple of hours of "the forces of evil" and we will get back to Dr. Cohen. Thank heavens we have at least one lecturer that appreciates the excitement that is the possible side effect of teaching. Unfortunately other adverse learning events include boredom, eye glazing, narcolepsy, and tooth clenching. In the rare event that excessive boredom lasts more than four hours, contact a physician immediately...chances are they are still talking.


Tim & Dara said...

Yikes...sounds like a rough day! Wonder if thats how my students feel about power point? Probably, lol.