Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Record breaker

What an awesome day! It's 70 degrees, sunny, and still. It's probably the nicest day I could imagine in Colorado in January. I got up early, went to see Dr. B, my preceptor and got out of there pretty early since he had a slow morning. J and I got a gift card to Whole Foods for Christmas and there was still some money on it, so I headed over after preceptor and picked up some fun stuff for dinner. Once I realized how gorgeous it was outside I knew I had to bring the doggies for a long run. We pretty much got lost in the neighborhood across the street, but it was so nice to get out in the sun and forget all about studying for a while. I don't know why I'm acting like I have nothing to do, but even though I do have lots to do I can't pass up this kind of day in January, particularly when it's going to snow all weekend. Yes, I have an exam on Monday, but I feel like I've kept up with the material and even survived giving my first prostate exam. If that's possibly a reason to celebrate, I'll take it.

There is another plus side to getting all three of us out in the sun...I don't think the dogs are going to make a peep all afternoon. Awesome.

Another thing to celebrate - my mom and sister got plane tickets to come out after my trip to San Francisco in April! Hooray! It's the first time my sister has been out here since she's been 21. This is extra exciting because Colorado is the Napa valley of beer after all. And she's never even been able to partake of my favorite place - Coors lab! Super exciting. Just have to get through that itsy bitsy little test first. With motivation like this I can definitely do it!


Tim & Dara said...

I'm super jealous that you've got such nice weather! Yay for your mom and sister coming to visit!!