Saturday, January 10, 2009


That's how many weeks are left to boards. Yesterday we had our first afternoon review, where our favorite faculty comes to give us review lectures on their respective areas of expertise. To some of us it was scary and made them nervous, but to me, it helped me get into the mood to study. I think that Friday evenings after these reviews will be my time to relax and hang out with J and the dogs. The rest of the week will be busy as will the weekends, but Fridays, they will be for getting ready for the next round.

Other than studying, not a whole lot is new. The eyes are the same, and thankfully I am lucky because everyone has been very helpful in allowing me to continue on with studying while I can't see or drive. They are recording our lectures in class now so I am able to watch class from home within 10 minutes of lecture being over. That is a huge deal for me and it's been very helpful to feel like I'm missing nothing at all, but also not bothering people to drive me around. I hope this goes away soon so things can go back to being completely normal for me (and everyone else) again.

The dogs will certainly be happy when I feel comfortable running again. Mugs has a serious case of cabin fever!


medicine girl said...

12.5 weeks! Soon enough to motivate yet far enough to allow you to get the job done. I'm glad to hear you're able to attend lecture without leaving the house and hope that your vision returns very soon. Sending many good thoughts your way!