Monday, January 19, 2009

11 and change

So last week went entirely too quickly. It was a really busy week. Last Monday we had our 2nd year "retreat." It was held on campus, was mandatory, and probably could have been accomplished in 2 hours rather than 6. Once again they got us all nervous about 3rd year, all the forms that need signing the badging and blood work that needs doing. Vaccinations, etc. etc. All the while all any of us can think about is that teensy little exam that stands in the way of us actually becoming 3rd year students. The timing of the whole event seemed pretty bad and overall, all I got out of it was a sense of urgency and a pretty awesome brownie.

That aside, I did manage to get a little excited for third year. It will be so nice to learn by doing again. On the job training has always worked better for me than reading things ad nauseum. I really am looking forward to working with patients. That was the whole point of leaving the PhD program in the first place. I requested to take my OB/GYN clerkship first since that it what I am by far most familiar with, and yet don't really have a desire to go into. A good learning environment, I hope.

Speaking of gyn, last week was my group's turn to "learn" how to do pelvic and prostate exams. The sessions were really well run and I feel like I'm that much more prepared for 3rd year having that out of the way. It helped that I've done loads of pelvic exams already. But I never really understood what "turn your head and cough" meant until last Tuesday.

J has also been training for a marathon. I think this is making all 4 of us more active and that's a good thing. It would be an easy thing to forget about when all I can think about is study, study, study. Last week though, he was taking both dogs with him on a run and R mashed into his leg. His knee is really messed up. We tried to do 5 miles on Saturday but at the 4 mile mark, after he stopped to wait for me, his knee was so tight that we had to walk the rest of the way. I hope there's nothing any more wrong than a little inflammation that will clear on its own.

It's a long weekend for us as we get Martin Luther King Jr. day off. So instead of writing this from class today I am at home. I keep wavering between studying for class or studying for boards. There's these audio lectures that I listen to that would really be best done today since I have no distractions. I'll probably do a bit of both. We do have a micro exam next Monday after all.

Not that anyone is counting, but we only have 37 actual days of class left. Wow.

I hate to waste these next two days slaving over books since it's such a historic time, and it makes me feel inspired. But, I guess that's what the DVR will have to be for. Of course, with all the stuff I want to record and save for after boards, I will be taking a year off instead of starting 3rd year, just to catch up on my shows! Happy Martin Luther King Jr day and Inauguration Day all!!