Wednesday, January 7, 2009

And we're off

So, it begins. What begins you might ask? The last semester of real classroom med school. And the biggest study semester of my life. I've spent the last half hour determining my study schedule for the next two weeks. I hate to go much farther out than that because I want to be able to be fluid and change it. But I wanted to apologize in advance for anything I might miss. There may be events that I would normally be at and enjoy myself at, but this semester things are going to be different. This eye situation isn't helping. It takes me much longer to get through things that are heavy on the sight as they fatigue my eyes a lot. I need to take a lot of breaks. Luckily I still have some lectures to listen to so that is helpful. It's gonna take a lot of discipline, and I'm sorry if it takes (even) longer to get back to you when you call, but know I'm thinking of everyone when I've got my nose stuck in a book. It'll be done before I know it.

It's not to say I don't hope to keep up with the blog, but you know, I wouldn't expect a post a day or anything like that.

One day at a time...