Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wow, 10 weeks from this very moment I'll be sitting down at a computer getting ready for the big event. It seems like time is going extra fast this semester. We had an exam on Monday, so last weekend was totally devoted to that and since then I've not gotten much accomplished. But it's back to it today, for oh so many reasons. First of all, we have yet another exam on Monday. In fact, I worked it out that we have an exam every week until the end of February. Yikes. When we have 2 blocks at a time it seems we all end up playing catch up constantly just to stay on top of things. This block is just a worse version of that since we are all also studying for boards.

I want to add a huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Maiden Metallurgist on her wedding. If you don't already read her blog, or her husband's (!), Berg with Fries, you definitely should. I'm really happy for you Drea!

The bad news in the midst of all the good is that the optic neuritis came back. Everything was back to normal, but as of last Friday, it's back with a vengence. I can't see the color red from that eye and it hurts to move it. I just can hardly believe how often you really move your eyes. But, I will go see my neuro guy next week and if last time was any indication, it won't last forever. Until then, I will be listening to my friendly online pathologist, Goljan, to guide me through the boards.

Well, I better get to school. And by "get to school" I mean fire up the course cast and watch class from the comfort of my couch. The dogs are even bigger fans of this "class recording" system than I am. I promise to get some cute pictures of Mugs and Rock up later this week. Mugs really is at a great size. When J took him running last weekend he was stopped by all sorts of people and one lady in particular was very disappointed that he was going to get bigger than he is. I am too. He is the perfect dog size right now, no offense to the big guy.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Thanks! good luck, and I hope you feel better sooner rather than later.