Friday, May 9, 2008

Sweat it out

Well, I got over my latest panic attack in no time. Over lunch yesterday we had an 'experiential' session for my complementary alternative medicine where we worked on something called "mindfulness meditation." I had read about it before hand in our psych class as a type of treatment for anxiety. So, it was an awesome coincidence that I was having my mini-panic attack yesterday to see how well it worked. And it really worked. I highly recommend it to anyone who gets a little too tightly wound. Many clinical psychologists work on it and if they don't they could probably recommend someone. Really great stuff.

Today when we got done with class I took the big R for a longer run than he's used to. Longer run than I'm used to for that matter. I thought I might have to drag him the last 1/2 mile. When we got home this is what he did for about 2 hours:

I can't really blame him though, I didn't do much more than that. I did get my hair cut this afternoon and that always makes me feel better. Like a fresh start. I will enjoy tonight before I have to spend another weekend studying up for this physical exam skills assessment. Hope the weekend treats us all well!