Sunday, May 4, 2008

Burn out

Yikes. I feel like I'm barely crawling across this finish line. It's only twenty past 8 and already I'm ready to go to bed. I'm almost ready to though. I guess on the plus side, even though the week was filled with not much other than books, I won't be going into the test tomorrow sleep deprived. The unfortunate part that I might not be making clear is that I still have 3 weeks of lecture and then finals week. The big deal about this test is two fold: first, if I do well on it, I don't have to overexert myself for the rest of the semester. Second, this is pretty much the stuff I want to do for a living, and so I want to get it right. So, I appreciate the well wishes for summer (!) and I will stick them in my back pocket for only about another month.

Ok, I can do this. Time to suck it up and try some practice problems, then off to bed. So. Tired. Of. Studying.


Tim & Dara said...

Hope your test went well!!