Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well, I'm almost to my favorite day. Prettty soon the test will be here and then it will be over and I will be one happy girl. I even got my lazy butt out of bed this morning to get an early start on studying, and I gave up going to a movie with J and his fam so I could stay here and study. I'm impressed. But, unfortunately, despite my plans to the contrary, my study break did not involve a nice jog with the dog. I saw it was windy, so instead I sat on my butt, watched an episode of Scrubs and ate 1/4 of a bag of pretzels. You win some, you lose some.

So, the rest of the weekend will consist of keeping up this last little sprint. Someone in my class at the beginning of the year told me her boyfriend kept telling her "you're such a sprinter, but this is more like a marathon." And so far, that's pretty much shown itself to be true. The unfortunate bit is that although it is truly a marathon, you still can't win unless you sprint at the end.

T minus 48 hours...


medicine girl said...

Good luck on your test tomorrow. Hope it's followed by a wonderful summer!