Thursday, May 8, 2008

Panic again

Well, at least it was a bit of a reprieve. I actually do have another exam on Monday, it's an assessment of our physical exam skills where we perform the exam on a standardized patient and then videotape us. We also are videotaped conducting a patient interview, and then a few days later we will go through it with a faculty advisor. I don't know why this makes me SOOOOOO nervous. I worked for 6 months at a clinic where all I did all day was interview patients. But there's something about knowing big brother is watching that totally freaks me out. Yet another crappy weakend on the way. And lots of physical exams for J. I'm sure he's thrilled too.


Chardsy said...

Good luck! Just take a deep breath and all will be fine.

(1984 is one of my most favorite books)