Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Well, in keeping with the positive theme I've been going for, today is a truly great day. If the spirit of Labor Day is eschewing work and making with the leisure time, today lived up to that spirit and then some. As I sit here, I am drinking a lovely shiraz, eating my favorite mediterranean foods, and watching the ANTHONY BOURDAIN MARATHON!!!!! That's right I said marathon. My favorite travel show hero has been quietly recording on my DVR all day, and at the moment, I am with him in Hawaii. Not a bad place to be.

The whole day has been this kind of bliss. We started out with the all-time best breakfast there is: egg in a hole. It's pretty much what it sounds like, toast which is fried in butter with a hole in the middle filled with a hard fried egg. While we digested our food we filled the time watching I Heart Huckabees, which I have to say, is pretty hilarious. After that I went for a run in what I thought would be a nice early fall morning. It pretty much felt like July on the surface of the sun, but it was good to get some activity anyway.

My great friend from med school, also an LG, came over for some drinks and to see the house in the early afternoon (hey, it's 5:00 somewhere). It was great to hang out with her and catch up while having some fun drinks and good snacks. After a little while, J's mom, whose birthday is today, and dad swung by and picked us up to go to a local Asian market. We went to the most authentic Chinese restaurant I've ever been to, and it was tasty. If one can have good seafood in Denver, it was in my dish. We also checked out a couple of Asian supermarkets, which were really awesome. We picked up some baked goods and some lychees and headed home.

Once we got home we watched one of my all time favorite movies, Strictly Ballroom, with J's parents and had some espresso martinis. And that about brings us to my current state of aforementioned bliss.

All of this occurring knowing that I have class at 8 am tomorrow morning. I must be chilling out in my old age.