Sunday, September 14, 2008


Well, I've had it. I don't think I've ever quite spent this much time studying for an exam since anatomy. Let's just say yesterday at 10 I was still leafing through stuff (that's pm) and it was the weekend! I guess that should make me feel better about calling it quits to get a decent night's sleep. It sort of does, but I will only really feel better about it if the exam goes well in the morning. All I know is my head is tired from reading and my back is tired from sitting (I may detect some pressure sores growing on my darierre...) and I think anything else I look at at this point is not going to stick. The dogs are finally tired and not trying to eat each other, bonus. So I think it might be time for some tv in bed. J is off at his hockey game, so the house is quiet. It's time to relax.

Afterall, tomorrow it all starts again. T minus 26 days to Beer Fest....


Tim & Dara said...

I'm sure your exam went well!! And I want to see pictures of Mugsy!