Friday, April 18, 2008

Who needs happy hour

So, J and I enjoyed one of the most beautiful, calm Colorado evenings we've had since last summer by sitting on our front patio, drinking some Fat Tire and playing gin. Makes me feel good, and makes me remember that things are, in fact, going well for me these days. Easy to forget when you feel like class could eat your life whole, but as I sit here writing while listening to some fabulous music provided courtesy of Medicine Girl's blog (and still drinking Fat Tire) I realize that things have taken some wonderful turns for me. In light of the truly happy hour, I present to you the Saturday six: Six things that make me happy on a lovely Saturday evening!

1. Being married to my best friend: now hear me out. I'm not one of those sappy crazies that swoons when their significant other so much as looks their way. But it's a big difference from what I thought would become of me. I used to tell my friend D.O. in our sorority house (yes, I was in a sorority, but that's a post for another time) how I always envisioned myself as the cool hippie aunt. I thought I'd have about 6 dogs and live in the mountains alone. I wouldn't mind living in the mountains, but I'm pretty thankful to have someone to live there with!

2. Dogs that love T-shirts!

3. Knowing that Denver is for beer what Napa is for wine (take that SAT analogies!) Intrigued? Check this link!

4. Things to work toward: today from the library J got the latest Jim Butcher offering called Small Favor. I can't wait to see what my favorite wizard, Harry Dresden, is up to this time! I promised I wouldn't read it until my next exam was over. That will be a day of a bottle of nice wine and lots of great reading. Can't wait. Almost makes me ready to start studying again....

5. Knowing that 6 weeks from now I will have a real, honest-to-god summer vacation! I feel like I did in the 8th grade getting ready for the all-important summer before high school!

6. Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who on the SciFi channel! Go nerds!!!


medicine girl said...

I'm happy to see you're making it through through med school at least as gracefully as I am! You clearly maintain the balance that healthy relationships, an awesome dog, & a great attitude bring. I hope that as you (well, we) work to become a competent physician you'll continue to live in a balanced way that brings you plenty of joy today!