Thursday, April 24, 2008

Panic attack

It's funny how you can go from being on top of your stuff to being absolutely sure you're going to fail out! I'm just looking at the stack of notes for our next exam and I think the top of my head might blow off. Unbelievable.

Oh yeah, and I'm way too much of a joiner.

In the last two weeks I've managed to let myself get in pretty deep. I'm our class secretary, which is more work than I'd like to admit, on the steering committee for the OB/GYN interest group, on the editorial board of the campus wide newsletter, and co-president of the Denver chapter of American Medical Student Association (of which I wasn't even a member at the time, I went to the meeting for the free lunch!). So I feel a little over-committed.

Although I have to say I'll take over-committed med student any day over politically motivated med student. Good grief, these elections got messy and they are giving me a headache and heart palpitations. Re-vote tomorrow, so more work, and hopefully no hurt feelings. It sucks to be the bearer of bad news. I'm more of a non-confrontational type.

Oh well, here's to truly earning those drinks this weekend.