Monday, April 14, 2008

My Favorite Day

I love test days. I love coming home and realizing that I have nothing to do. Sure, there are things I can do to prepare for the next three weeks (until our next exam) but they aren't so bad and they're pretty mindless at the moment. It's been a pretty good day altogether. The exam went alright (ask again after I find out how it really went) and afterward I went to the library to check out some serious fluff - a nice Sophi Kinsella novel. It's a vice really.

I also stopped to get a bottle of nice crisp Reisling to drink out on the front porch in the beautiful Colorado sun this afternoon. I bought the bottle before the clock even hit 10am, and I don't feel bad for a minute. Why? Because I know, unlike Vitamin C and E and Hormone replacement therapy, alcohol has been really proven to reduce the risk of a coronary event. Thank you cardiovascular exam for practically prescribing this afternoon's activities.

In news of other vices, I am also watching the finale of Rock of Love 2. J can thank me later for getting it out of the way when he was not around.