Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My typical situation

I feel like all I talk about is "I need to study for boards!" And it occurred to me this morning that most people won't have the pleasure of ever finding out what that is like. Hence I present "a day in the life of a medical student who is studying for step I: written in my 10 minute lunch break."

For these 3 study weeks, my typical day starts with Mugs crying in his kennel so he can go out. I know J just let him out about an hour ago, but I'm a sucker, and he's really, really annoying, so I get up. I brush my teeth, get dressed (sort of, I put on a sweatshirt and socks and remain in my jammie pants...for how long, who knows?) and let the monster out of his cage. The three of us go downstairs and I take the little one out on his leash and let Rocky have at it. Inevitably, they leave a present on the lawn and I take care of it.

I go inside, go to grab a cup of coffee. J left me a quarter cup...sigh. So I put my pan on the stove for my morning egg, let it heat up and start a new pot of joe. I eat my egg and fake breakfast sausage in about 5 minutes while I check my email and the weather on my AWESOME new iPod touch. Once said breafast is down the hatch it's time to hit the books. I read the review book, take notes in First Aid, then make flashcards of all I've done. This goes on for about 4-5 hours; usually from 7-12ish. At about 11:30 I could eat the aforementioned review book, so I throw some sort of garbage in the microwave and chow down while I continue to write flashcards. I usually take about 10 minutes to read blogs about now. I go on with this for about another hour.

Around 1 I take off to my "safe haven" which has now become the gym. I am a lazy person in my nature, so you know it's bad when the thought of a sweaty workout gets me all excited. Being as it's my only real break of substance throughout the day, I'll take what I can get. I usually take my time in the gym, shower there so I don't have an annoying puppy licking my legs as I get out of the shower, and head out. Break time's over. By about 2:30 or 3 I'm back at it. If I am very likely to kill the dogs on that particular day, I go to the library and set up shop there; if they aren't on my last nerve, I go home and study there. Usually I head home. The kids in the library are equally annoying after 3 so it's kind of a wash anyway. Around 6 J comes home; I tease him about leaving such a huge cup of coffee for me we whip up some dinner; I chow down and leave him with the dishes. I head upstairs for about another 3 hours of Kaplan Q bank filled fun. Then straight to bed to start it all again.

All told, this is not very fun. This is why I am taking the exam as early as I feel I can get away with. It makes me glad I am not a lawyer studying for the bar, since I hear it's just as bad if not worse.

Rest assured though, I'll be looking back fondly on this time when I need to be at the hospital by 6 (or earlier) for rounds in a few months. Grass is always greener..

Back to work!