Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sorry for the hiatus. Let me just say I am trapped behind a pile of books and can't get out. If I never hear the name "Bronfenbrenner" again it'll be too soon. And parasitic worms are the single most disgusting thing I've learned about medicine thus far. I'm out.


medicine girl said...

I remember thinking during board study that I should study that intensely all the time. It was so much fun to review material & make connections! Then boards came and I realized I had been temporarily insane. 12-hour study days have no place in typical daily life.

Good luck!

shrimppesto said...

omg ... the worms gross me out so much, and terrify me. i am getting nightmares from them. the other day i was so upset by them i drove to lowry to buy some beer to calm myself down. agkjlsdlwkj.