Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Funny stuff from lecture

So med school isn't all work, work, work. The lecture today was actually pretty entertaining. He opened with this joke:

"A priest is talking to a rabbi. The priest says, 'Rabbi, have you ever eaten pork?' and the rabbi blushes a bit and says 'Yes, Priest, occasionally I have partaken of pork.' Then the Rabbi says 'Priest, have you ever had sex?' and the priest says, 'yes, before I was a priest.' The rabbi says 'better than pork isn't it...'"

Then he tells us about a worm (a parasite of the human GI tract) that can easily be treated with drug therapy. There is actually a group that is against the use of drugs to cure this bug because it may lead to the eradication of the worm and its subsequent extinction. Unbelievable.