Sunday, March 6, 2011

Awake again

Well, once again the house is completely quiet and here I am awake. I'm watching the world's trashiest tv (You're Cut Off on VH1), and staring at the computer wondering why on earth I can't sleep. Of course, I know why, but thinking about that will only make the insomnia worse!

I really do wish I didn't have class in the morning, if so, I would be able to just take a benadryl and get some zzz's. However, I do not want to have the "hangover effect" in the morning, so I'll just make due with whatever sleep I'm able to grab on my own.

The peanut is doing great these days. Getting to look more and more like a "kid" and not a "baby" every day. She is the ultimate distraction and makes every day a little brighter!

Here's hoping you all are getting the zz's you need, and that you have sweet dreams when you do!