Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Things that make me happy this June:

-I actually took a bubble bath in the middle of the day yesterday, just because I could!
-It poured down rain yesterday with the sun shining. Summer is wonderful!
-Studying for this set of boards is infinitely better than the last time around, and I feel good about learning a lot in the past year
-My dogs are great company! They love me even when I waddle.
-I am already finding time to meet up with old friends. So great! One of these days I will get my big belly to Golden and revisit my favorite places. Then it will really be a perfect June!
-The house is starting to look like a 3rd person is at least on the way. Scary, but exciting!
-I baked cookies on Monday, and they didn't turn out like big puffy pillows for a change!
-I have made and eaten my weight in pasta salad in the past week. I do not feel bad about this. It is delicious.
-It's farmers market season, and the big guy is great company. He's such a ham when we go to all the stalls, everyone has to pet him. He's great, and never pulls me around. I don't think I could so much stop him anymore so at least he's good on the leash!

June makes me happy. It's gonna be a great month!