Friday, June 18, 2010

33 weeks

I don't talk about my pregnancy too terribly often on public forums. It's just kind of a private thing, and frankly, not my favorite experience ever. But I thought I would update folks about the little peanut. She's doing great! Had an appointment this morning and she's wiggling around as usual. As of right now she's about 4.2 pounds (seems shockingly big to me!). My doc thinks she'll probably get to about 7-7.5 pounds by the time we have her. He also thinks we won't make it all the way to the due date, but of course doesn't have a crystal ball and can't really predict when she'll make the grand entrance! I'm ready to start a pool soon, so let me know if your interested! J thinks she'll come on July 26th since that's the date I was assigned to for my meeting with the dean to go over my dean's letter for residency. I think my doc thought there was some dramatic irony in that, would be about par for the course in the past 7 months! I'm just hoping for the end of July so I have all of August to spend at home with her. But, she'll come when she wants to. One can dream though!

As for me, I'm getting to the point where I can't really sleep. I fall asleep no problem but I'm uncomfortable and wake up often. She's super low now and it makes my hips pull apart which is not super comfy. I feel bad for J since I wake him up as well. But I have lots of time to rest today. So it's good. I'm really more rested than I have been in the past year, and a lot less stressed out. Overall, things are good. Now I just need someone to walk one of the pups so I can just handle one of them. It's so beautiful outside and I want to enjoy it. I feel really lucky that as of now, I really feel happy in the heat. Everyone has been telling me how miserable summer will be, but I've always been the type of person who is more comfortable in the heat than in the cold, so I'm just happy I can wear nice loose clothes and enjoy the Colorado sunshine. So far so good!


Amy said...

We're hoping for a couple days earlier than the 26th. Then maybe we can meet her when were up there! (We fly out on the 26th, so that would be hard!). It was great seeing you. We're sooo excited for you guys!!

fabladyH said...

hi there..