Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snow Day!!!!

Hurrah! Snow day! We got a bunch of snow in one of those CO freak spring storms and classes were cancelled this am. Me and the dogs are enjoying some quality R&R, which is extra nice since I haven't been able to sleep properly for about the last week. In fact, I've been so miserably tired I've started writing a blog post about 3 times entitled "Not glowing" referring to the difficulties of being preggo.

But, everytime I've started it, I've deleted it. Even though there are days (many) when I totally want to fast forward to August, I don't want anyone to believe for a minute that I'm not thrilled about this baby. Baby yes. Being pregnant...less so. It makes it even less tolerable when you're so excited to meet this little person who's coming to change your life forever! She's kicking the crap out of me even as I write this. Letting me know she's on the way and to get ready!

Days like today make me think about it even more since, seriously have you seen what's on TV during the day? Wow. And really, who studies on a snow day?! I can't wait till I have a little 1 1/2 year old to run around in the snow with on a day like today!

The big bright side right now...half done!!! Wahoo! On Friday we go for our anatomy scan, which means a lot less when you've had as many ultrasounds as we have! Since the big 16 week ultrasound where we learned she is in fact a she, my doc's checked two more times and there's no doubt in my mind, it's definitely a girl! Also on Friday I'm doing my oral glucose tolerance test. Basically I drink a high sugar syrupy drink and one hour later they check my blood sugar to make sure I am able to use it appropriately. Women become more insulin resistant during pregnancy so that a larger amount of glucose stays in the blood to be taken up by the baby. This becomes a problem when blood sugar gets too high and can lead to birth defects if it is uncontrolled early in pregnancy (we're past that point) and very large babies in women with poor control. Then after birth, the baby does not get as much sugar as it is used to, but it's pancreas is still kicking out a ton of insulin, so these big huge babies get hypoglycemic after birth and can have seizures from that. I have a strong family history of diabetes and so we are doing this test a little early. I'm hopeful that it will be ok, but this has been my biggest anxiety about pregnancy for years. Those women who have gestational diabetes are 66% more likely to develop type II diabetes later in life, so it's a big deal. Hopefully it will go alright; should find out by Monday or Tuesday next week. I'll feel better when that's done with!

I hope everyone enjoys their day, even if you're all not lucky enough to have a snow day!!