Friday, March 12, 2010

Light Reading

I don't think any one will really appreciate how pumped I am to have stumbled over a copy of The San Francisco Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market Cookbook! I love that farmers' market so much that it inevitably leaves me disappointed when I visit any market around here even in the bounty of summer. Maybe J, but maybe not, could understand how much I think about thsi place. I get cravings to go there. Many cravings. And not just because I'm pregnant. At least once a week I think about being there on a Saturday morning, seeing all the delicious produce and looking at the beautiful city, bay, bridges. I probably tell J about these once a month or less, so really I control myself better than I get any credit for. Anyway, I'm pumped to read the recipes and look at the great pix. It's like an early birthday present! (I love my birthday, and my birthday is tomorrow...woohooo!)

On a sadder note, I actually heard someone running for office on the platform that as a state legislator she "defunded Planned Parenthood." Whaaaaaa? Regardless of your feelings on abortion, I think we can all agree that birth control, affordable birth control, is one of the most important services health care can provide. In this country 50% of pregnancies are unplanned. The emotional, physical, and financial toll this takes is enormous, not just for the individuals involved but for society at large. I feel very passionate about pregnancy prevention, it is a major part of my desire to be an OB/Gyn. I'm not asking everyone to feel like I do, but seriously, I was taken aback by that commercial.

One more reason to read my awesome cookbook and turn off the boob tube!


medicine girl said...

Happy almost birthday!

I love living on the East coast and consider it home, but I dearly miss the Oakland Grand Lake & Berkeley farmer's markets, as well as SF's Rainbow Grocery! I think about them at least once a week, too!

And yep, I agree with your thoughts on pregnancy prevention. It also makes great sense from a politico-financial standpoint. I would think/hope that staunchly pro-life folks would be just as interested in preventing abortion by preventing pregnancy!

Tanya said...

We need some good farmer's markets around here and while I have never been to the one that you mentioned, from how you describe it, now you really have me wanting to go there too! =)

Happy birthday to you tomorrow...enjoy every minute!!


medicine girl said...

I'm looking forward to the next baby & med school update! Not that I've had time to post lately, either... :-)