Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tests and tea.

For the first time in what seems like months I feel well rested and really excited. I was granted the last day of clinicals off to study for my exam, and my dog actually let me sleep until almost 9! I do plan on studying a lot today but I also plan to stop my whole foods for some delicious grub for dinner to celebrate the end of a very tough clerkship. And no one's more surprised than me that I liked it. My patients were very interesting and I couldn't have gotten luckier for my team. My residents and interns were super helpful and let me have just the right amount of autonomy. My attending was a really great teacher both on rounds and in these didactic lectures he prepared for us. When I saw the last group of students leave the U at the midpoint of this block, I was sure I would hate it. They looked exhausted and so UNHAPPY! But, though I am exhausted (or was last night), I am not unhappy with my experience. And the best news of all, one of my patients is getting written up for a journal and I'm going to be published! If I got nothing else out of this rotation, which I did, that would be worth enough.

Even better is knowing what the weekend brings. Yes, I have a crazy hard test on Friday morning, and a less hard but still irritating test on Thursday morning, but then the fun begins! My sister is coming in while I'm taking said crazy hard test and will be at my house when I'm done! That's the day we'll find out the sex of the baby, so that's pretty exciting too! We're doing 5280 week for dinner and I'm super excited about it. Then Saturday we're going to the Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory for their tour. I haven't been there since I've been a little kid and it just seems like a good thing to do when you're pregnant and can't go to the beer tours :-(. It feels good to have lots to look forward to and some time to rest before it all goes down.

But a question, anything up in Boulder that we absolutely shouldn't miss while we're up there? I really would love to go to Redstone meadery, but I don't really think my sister would like it, and as previously mentioned, alcohol and pregnancy etc. But any place to eat or see on a February day you can think of? Comments appreciated.


the maiden metallurgist said...

The Boulder Tea House! So lovely and pleasant.

bazin! said...

Um... Me!

shrimppesto said...

i second the tea house. great tea, fantastic food, unique establishment -- would be perfect for lunch or dinner or something.

so glad to hear you enjoyed medicine =) hope things are going well. miss you!!!