Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting there

Well, I'm over half done with my time at the U. I am exhausted. This week I have Friday off since I am on call next weekend. Two more call days. I don't sleep so well at night these days, and I pay for it during the afternoon when the work slows down but I'm still stuck in the hospital. Since today is pre-call I am hoping we'll get out a little early, but we picked up a ton of patients on Friday call and haven't discharged very many. Which means we'll probably be pretty busy trying to get that accomplished today before we are on call again tomorrow. It makes me feel a bit less optimistic about the finish line when I'm so tired and I'm starting to get sick (I am never sick, is it kosher to blame the unborn?).

But there really is a bright side. I have 9 work days left of internal medicine. And on the really bright side, I do not hate it as much as I thought I would. I've been lucky to have a good team that is interested in making sure I learn lots and make me feel like I'm helpful,and when there's nothing to do, they make sure I get out of there. And at the end of the tunnel my little sister is coming out for a visit! And at that point I will have only one more rotation in my third year. Today or tomorrow I should get my fourth year schedule, and I'm really, really hoping to get the sub-internship (aka acting like an intern, not getting paid) I hoped for in May. It'll give me some peace of mind to know I'll get through the 4th year requirements and that I'll graduate on time even with the baby.

If I can just make it through 9 more days of squeezing like a sardine into my normal clothes I will be a happy camper. Four of those days are call or post-call, so those are scrubs days. And I have to thank my dear friend D who hooked me up with some more options for when my normal clothes are no longer an option. You are the best!

Hopefully I'll write about some of my weird stories in the days to come. But if not, I'll catch you all on the other side of medicine.