Sunday, October 25, 2009

On Surgery

For everyone who I have been neglecting...I'm so sorry. Surgery lives up to its rough hours even when you're at the "good" place. I'm on call this weekend, so yesterday I was there from 4am to 4pm. Today I was in at 4, but I was able to leave after rounding was over at 10. That was a nice surprise. There is a case going later today, but we'll see if I get called in since it's just a laparoscopy and probably quicker for the surgeon to not wait for me to come in. Plus he asked me if I was getting enough rest today, so maybe I looked like hell and he wants me to sleep. Either way, I'm feeling lots better after my little nap. Refreshed, at least a little, and almost ready for the week ahead. And there's no excuse for complaining since after today, I only have 2 weekend calls left, and I don't mean the whole weekend, 2 weekend days.

On the whole, once I'm out of bed I am really digging surgery. I think the OR is a really fun place, after you're comfortable with how to stay sterile or stay out of the way of the sterile people. Even though I can do less during them, I love the laparoscopic procedures. I think it's amazing the stuff you can do through such a tiny incision. And I'm hoping that with the exception of C-sections, most of the procedures I'll do in the future will be laparoscopic too. If the rest of this rotation goes well, I think I will be able to safely say I can handle Ob/Gyn. It might not always be pretty, and the hours, especially during residency, can be really long, but if I love it and love the OR it's the right place for me to be.