Sunday, October 4, 2009

From the Wards

So, I've seen the good, and some of the bad. Here's a couple of the not so great things I've seen in the last few months:

-A patient was denied pain medicine after hitting a wall (quite literally), the provider claiming a possible drug interaction. After the patient was in their room, the provider makes the comment that the pain in their hand was just cause and effect, and the provider likes cause and effect.

-A mother abandoned her baby in the nursery after delivery. Yes, there are many silver linings here, but the gut reaction is disgust.

-A group of providers laughing at a patient with dementia secondary to a progressive, and inoperable, brain tumor. Worst of all, the patient knew they weren't making any sense, and was incredibly frustrated by the situation.

-A nurse rolling their eyes and making fun of the provider every time the provider turned their back.

Man. Medicine can be a catty, crappy world sometimes. But then there are the good times, like my preceptor talking to a little girl, the daughter of a patient, who he delivered and being so excited telling her how he was the first person in the world to see her. His excitement made me realize that there is a reason to do this. And it's a pretty great reason.