Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Few Things

Surgery has been a positive experience (so far) in so many ways:

1) I know what I want to be when I grow up! (No, for real this time!) Barring some life-altering event in the next year, I will be applying for a residency in Ob/Gyn. I've learned from my rotation that I love the OR. It's my favorite place in the hospital; well, favorite next to labor and delivery. I also have learned that I really don't mind heading to the hospital at 4am on a Sunday when it's to do something I enjoy. Knowing that makes the idea of a tough residency (as if any are easy) much more palatable. I've learned that I am tougher than I thought I was and that I can take what's given and smile knowing that in the end, I win! I get to do what I have wanted to do for so long.

2) I gots myself tough. Getting told you're dumb all day everyday will make it run right off ya.

3) I've learned how to be a more effective team member and, someday, a better senior resident, etc. How did I learn this? By watching what my chief does and knowing that I can do so much better. I've had some great teachers, and the people coming behind me deserve the same.

4) One handed knot tying is sexy.

5) Having a beer after 3 nights of call is the best beer you'll ever have!


medicine girl said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you've decided to go with your gut and do what you love! One of my Deans is a nearly retired OB/Gyn doc. He loves the field so much that he always says that he has never had to work a day in his life. I wish the same for all of us!

Amy said...

Congrats!!! Wish you were closer so when you're finished with school, you could be my doc!!