Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lazy mornings

Pediatrics is a fantastic rotation! Don't get me wrong, it is definitely not for me. My stomach turns a little everytime I have to give a little baby shots and hear the inevitable screams that follow. But the kids are almost always great patients. They are unassuming, trusting, and honest. That's the best part. It's fun to work there, and the hours are great. That's about all I can ask for!

Plus it lets me spend my weekends here on the couch with J, eating some Winchell's donuts, drinking coffee and otherwise being lazy and happy.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy you get to mix a little "normal" in with your med school life. Hope to see you again soon. -Kathryn

L.G. said...

Hi! I have 2 more weeks before I'm on the late shift (4pm-12am). Are you free at all in the next couple of weeks to meet up? I'm out in Centennial, we could meet kind of by your house if you want.