Thursday, May 28, 2009

Feels like summer

I can't help but feel like I'm on summer vacation while I am on this emergency medicine block. Yesterday I had a ride-along with the Fire Department EMS division. It was a pretty low key day, and they were pretty hilarious. I also think they would have let me do pretty much anything I wanted on calls, so it was good experience. I was glad I got to ride with the fire fighters, especially when I ran into a classmate on the ambulance. She wasn't really able to do anything.

Today I don't go in until 3pm. I stay until 11. This is awesome. Although I won't see J today, I'll still get to sleep at night when it's dark and J should at least have part of tomorrow off so I'll see him before I go in tomorrow again at 3. Plus it's a beautiful day outside and I get to take a nice run/walk with the doggies. I have stuff I should be doing for school, but I am really enjoying this "free time." Working 8 hours after my 14 hour days last week feels like a vacation in and of itself. Plus there is a lot less stress on this block since it is 100% pass-fail. No way to honor, you just show up and learn all you can. I don't have any interest in doing ED work as a career, but it'll be nice to get familiar with it a little for future ED consults, etc. The best part about the pass/fail thing is that a 70% on the test next friday shows up the same as a 100%. It just makes things seem less stressful, which is always appreciated.

I think it always helps to have something to look forward to as well! The awesome thing is that the day after our exam for emargency there is a beer tasting event at Great Divide Brewing Co. For 20 bucks (part of which goes to charity) you can try all the beer you want and they are even having food! Pretty good deal for a 5 hour event. Plus it's Saturday afternoon, leaving the evening time to get some good sleep and still be refreshed to start GYN clinic on Monday morning. So, I'm adding a countdown to the top of the blog. I do love a countdown!