Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Yikes. So, I have a way overactive immune system. So much so that even when J got really sick at Christmas, even though I was immunosuppressed with high dose steroids, I never got as much as the sniffles. However, apparently the long term stress of preparing for and taking the boards is a much more effective immune suppressant than prednisone. I am SICK!!!! So sick. J had it last week and is just feeling better. I can't really get solid foods past my gigantically swollen throat. It is no fun. I figure, I have 3 days to get better before my awesome trip. I've been planning this trip for months and months, so I will do absolutely everything I can to make sure this thing gets better quickly. We're already planning to bring all those symptomatic meds just in case we're both not up to par. But I'm willing to try any home remedies that might have some validity. If you have any ideas, let me know! And I promise I'll be resting with loads of fluids. So outside of those, please send ideas!!!!


Tim & Dara said...

Oh no! You've gotta get better so you can enjoy CA!!

L.G. said...

I know, right?! I can already tell it'll be better by then though. And I think it will be less bad than when Josh got it. I am just really tired, so I figure if I can get some rest I should be good to go by Saturday!

medicine girl said...

I've seen mononucleosis (with tonsils so swollen they "kissed") compromise an airway, but I hope your tonsils & pharynx aren't quite that swollen!

If you have strep throat I hope you get it treated appropriately. Otherwise, I hope you're feeling better or on your way there by tomorrow!

As for URI home remedies (other than lots of fluids & rest), I swallow spoonfuls of finely chopped garlic with water. Pressed is better but it puts my stomach & ears in a world of hurt for a few minutes afterward. It's important to have a bit of food in your stomach for this. I didn't use garlic the last time I was sick and wish I'd at least tried it since I stayed sick so long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! How was the trip? -Kathryn