Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I love Food

So, I think it's only fitting during Denver Restaurant Week that I should wax philosophical about my love of all things gastronomical. I love food. And I don't mean in that sad Kashi-esque commercial way (we eat only the most natural ingredients...). No, I've tried my "all natural" "vegetarian" lifestyle, and I say bunk. I LOVE food. I love looking at a recipe for something that (when I'm really honest) I've never even heard of, and deciding, what the hell? And in it goes. More often than not, it's awesome. I love butter. And when I really want a fry up, I love butter WITH olive oil...less smoke that way. Even better, I love my fried fish, chicken, even veg, with a deliciously bitter beer that is dark enough to be opaque and awesome enough to get a double take. I love food. I love beer. I love wine. I love the whole dining experience. I may never be as thin as a supermodel. In fact, I would rather train for a marathon for the rest of my life than give up the foods that I love. I love preparing food and drink and ambiance for friends, family, and anyone else who wants to stumble along. I love reading about food, learning about food, watching other people make food. I love food.

I know that so many people who venture into medicine feel that medicine is the one true love in their lives. I respect that. But I must say that, other than J, food is it for me. I'm not yet sure how to meld my love of food with my love of medicine, and if I can do it to make a buck, be sure that I will. But if not, you can be equally sure that on every day off; every day post-call, I will not be sleeping away on the couch. No sir. I will be raking over the latest cook book I've gotten from the library. I'll be checking out foodgawker.com and tastespotting.com (thanks B.H!) and finding new ways to make these mine. Someday when we have kids, I hope I can pass this one love on and that no matter what we all have going on in our lives, food (and great drink to accompany!) will bring us all together. I just love food.

Tomorrow night we are heading out with my friend LG from med school to sample the wares of Red Door Euro Bistro in Larimer Square. Stay tuned for our delicious adventure. Next week we'll also be headed out with friends to Chef Kevin Taylor's at the Opera House. So much delicious food, so little time. Especially with studying for boards. But as I'm totally tired of blogging, thinking, dreading, obsessing about this, it'll be all about the food for quite some time. And the drink. Did I mention Red Door has a vodka bar full of delicious infused vodka? I will take as many pictures as I can remember. J and I are getting a ride to the light rail, and there are no required classes on Thursday morning, so it should be a great time had by all. As it's also the Top Chef finale, it should be an adventure of epicurious proportions. Have sweet, sour, or savory dreams. I know I will.


The Maiden Metallurgist said...

Yum! I love Red Door and RKT, good choices. I'm so bummed because RW in Chicago is more expensive, and a lot of places offer really cop-out menus.

I'm looking forward to La Cueva in March!

medicine girl said...

If you love food & reading about food then you might like this blog: http://theblogthatatemanhattan.blogspot.com/2009/02/grand-rounds.html

It's hosting Grand Rounds this week and I recommend it!