Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thinking Positive

So, yesterday I had a bit of a funk going on about med school and how it has taken over my life. In a way, it has. I can't relax without thinking about studying, I can't look at people without thinking about what they might have wrong with them, and I can't help but think, with almost everything I do...how will this help me get a better residency. All ridiculous for the most part. So, I took the little monster dog for a 4 mile run to think things through. I think I will never need antidepressants so long as my knees hold out for running. And I also think that not working out is tantamount to going off my meds.

The run worked, I calmed down and actually got some studying done. Furthermore, I got an email from my old mentor at CSU today. Last week, as I neared the very end of my fraying rope, I contemplated the idea of taking a year off after boards to do research. I am actually not all that into research. I did, afterall, quit a PhD program because it isn't what I can imagine myself doing in the long run. So, although I'm not overly excited about research, I thought by taking a year off to work for my mentor up at the Fort would do me good, recharge the batts and of course...look good for residency. In his email today he said he'd love to have me in the lab, but that it's just not a really productive lab these days. He does a lot of teaching, and that takes most of his time. I kind of expected as much, but I had hoped. But, rather than leave me hanging, he offered me work on a project editing the impending publication of an e-book of his physiology lessons. It's something I could work on from home, and I'm pretty sure I could wrap up this whole mentored scholarly activity quite nicely in this project. Which means I could get it done before 4th year, which means that 20 weeks of vacation time is looking like a real possibility. All good things...very good things. And best of all, it's an MSA to do with teaching. Since I really am holding out hope that a large amount of my career can be wrapped up with teaching, this is a step in the right direction. Did I mention I'd get paid...

Overall, I think I need to remember a couple of things...noncompliance is bad, and just like I don't want my patients off their meds, I don't want me off running. Also, thinking positively really can help. It's better than feeling so stressed that I can't even concentrate, which is where I was last week. And last, but not least, always keep in touch with those people who have meant a lot to you. Keeping in touch with my mentor not only always makes my day, but often times, good things will follow.


medicine girl said...

Thanks for the final bit of inspiration to start exercising again. I've been feeling less enthusiastic (sometimes much less so!) lately and my near-inactivity isn't helping! I'm glad to hear running works well for you. :-)

Here's to things & loved ones that make us feel good & help us to maintain balance during what amounts to a crazy, often life-consuming med school experience.